Another out of the box creation that combines a bit of insanity with sound engineering.  We wanted to put a really big and ostentatious hot rod engine on the smallest boat we could.  The Wave Venture hull is stout and stable and can handle the extra weight.  It's a lot of fun and sounds amazing.  Like all of our creations, it is well engineered by our in house mechanical engineer.  In this case, in addition to weight an balance, the hull needed reinforcement in the form of carbon and fiberglass stringers to mount the engine to, and a custom overdrive gearbox to overdrive the engine speed by 1.7, and to transfer the rotation from the crankshaft down to the pump.  The engine is a Ford DOHC 4.6 Mod motor.  We selected it because it is physically huge, all aluminum and lightweight, and has a reputation for being bulletproof. It retains the stock fuel injection and ignition system with a custom minimalized wiring harness and engine tune.  The physical dimensions of the engine are within an inch of a 426 Chrysler Hemi, and the cam covers about the same size as the valve covers on the Hemi.  The point was that it would be overflowing the bodywork.  We built the headers from 304 stainless, fully TIG welded and capped with stainless steel glass pack mufflers.  The custom upper body is made from carbon and fiberglass with a urethane foam core.  Honestly, having built lots of hot rods and racing vehicles, most of them featuring some unique or outlandish engine, and being a boat guy as well I just wanted to see how we could put the most outlandish engine in the tiniest boat possible that would still be useful.   Video can be seen here: